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Thanks for checking out my website, my name is Katie Wren originally from Manchester in the United Kingdom, I now live in the beautiful state of Florida, United States of America. 
Truly a dream come true! 

But life wasn't always like that! I struggled since leaving high school to really settle in the corporate industry, jumping from company to company, really looking for something where I could grow, contribute and feel more than just a number! I don't know if you can relate to that?Living from pay cheque to pay cheque having too much month at the end of the money! 

I said enough was enough, I wasn't living like this and I didn't want to bring my future family up that way. I decided to change!! I knew I deserved more, I wanted a purpose in life, to really feel part of something and to work my way up in something I was passionate about where I could have fun every day.
I found it!! And yes I thought it was too good to be true at the beginning but I began to realise applying some principals I learned I could have everything I ever wanted and more!!! 

Now having my dream life, in my dream place with my dream family growing (I have my first on the way) I can relate to every type of woman out there looking for that way to be, have and do more with their life. 
I've been the material jet setter (nothing wrong with all of that) and now I am on the way to becoming a mommy I want to show women, whoever they are and what ever role they play in life, that there's more. That they can stay home with their family and yet build something that is there's; where they can have freedom, meet new people, travel with their family, take the financial stress away, have all the things they want! 

If any of this starts making you wonder to know more, please download my free PDF giving you some insights on "how to be successful" then you can enquire about my mentorship program. 

Thanks for visiting
Before I met Katie I was lost and struggling to build a future for my family, but with Katie's guidance and support it's transformed my business, my confidence has grown so much, my whole outlook on life has changed and I've had so much fun building up a solid business with a fab team. 

I am so excited with what's to come in the future with Katie and the rest of the UYL Team x
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